Once upon a time, there lived a sweet little girl called Ella.
Her mother had died when she was a child.
And soon her father too died.
She lived with her mean stepmother and her two proud step-sisters.
They made Ella do all the housework.
“Clean the chimneys! Dust the cupboards!”
“And my clothes!” they cried.
The young girl was always covered in soot and dust.
Hence, she was called Cinderella.
One day the Prince invited all the girls in the kingdom for a Ball in the castle.
Everyone including the two step-sisters were very excited.
Cinderella too wanted to go to the Ball but her sisters laughed at her.
“Stay at home and scrub the floors!”, screamed her stepmother.
The day of the Ball finally came.
Her stepmother and step-sisters left Cinderella alone at home.
She was so disappointed that she began to cry.
Suddenly, she saw a shimmering light in the room.
A woman with the kind smile and a wand stood in front of her.
“Who are you?” as Cinderella surprised.
The woman replied, ” I’m your fairy godmother. I’ll help you go to the Ball.
Now, do stop crying!”
“But I have nothing to wear” sobbed Cinderella,
I can’t go to the Ball.”

Từ vựng

stepmother: mẹ kế
step-sisters: chị em gái cùng cha khác mẹ hoặc ngược lại
housework: công việc nhà
chimneys: ống khói
cupboards: tủ đựng đồ
soot: bồ hóng
kingdom: vương quốc
Ball: Tiệc khiêu vũ
castle: lâu đài
shimmering: lấp lánh
Học tiếng Anh qua truyện cổ tích: Cinderella (Part 1)

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