Câu hỏi và đáp án mẫu một số chủ đề IELTS part 1

Câu hỏi và đáp án mẫu một số chủ đề IELTS part 1


1. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in. I live in a house that has a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small garden. It’s not a very big house, but it’s just right for me. 2. How long have you lived there? I’ve lived there for about five years. It’s the first house that I’ve owned; before that I was renting an apartment. 3. What do you like about living there? I live living there because the house reflects my personality: I decorated it myself, I chose all the furniture, and everything is where I want it to be. 4. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in? If I could, I’d buy a bigger house near a beach or in the mountains, preferably somewhere with a warm climate.


1. Are clothes and clothing fashion important to you? No, clothes and fashion are not really important to me. I tend to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical rather than fashionable. 2. What different clothes do you wear for different situations? Well, I have to dress quite formally for work, so I wear shirt and trousers. At home I prefer to wear jeans and a T-shirt, and on special occasions I might put on a suit. 3. Do you wear different styles of clothes now compared to 10 years ago? No, not really, because I don’t follow fashion. I think I have dressed in a similar way for the last 10 years. 4. Do you think the clothes we wear say something about who we are? Yes, the probably do. Some people are really careful about what they wear they want to be seen as stylish. Other people wear clothes that show wealth or status, such as clothes by famous designers.


1. Have you ever collected anything as a hobby? Yes. When I was younger I used to collect key rings. I remember my favorite being a Lego man keying that someone bought me as a present. 2. What kind of thing do people often like to collect? Some people collect cheap items like stamps, key rings or toys. Others collect expensive antiques, watches, jewelries or even cars. 3. Why do you think people collect certain objects? Maybe they like the constant search for a new item, or they want to remember past experiences. Others might like the feeling of organizing and presenting what they own. 4. Is there anything that you would like to collect in the future? Yes. If I could afford it, I’d love to have a collection of guitars in different color, shapes and sizes!


1. How do you usually keep in touch with members of your family? I mostly keep in touch with my family by phone, and I’ve started using the Internet to make video calls. I also try to visit members of my family in person as often as I can. 2. Do you prefer to speak to people by phone or by writing emails? It depends on the situation. I use email and text messages to communicate with friends, but my parents prefer it if I phone them. 3. Do you ever write letter by hand? (Why/ Why not?) No, I don’t write letters by hand because it’s so much easier to send an email that will arrive immediately. 4. Is there anything you dislike about mobile phones? Well, I don’t like listening to other people’s conversations in public places, and I don’t like it when someone’s phone rings in the cinema or during a lesson.


1. Do you like cooking? Why/ why not? Sometimes. I like preparing a special meal for family or friends who visit, but everyday cooking is a bit boring; it’s something that has to be done, but it’s not really fun. 2. Who did the cooking in your family when you were a child? My mother almost always did the cooking when I was young. I don’t think she trusted my father to make a nice meal. 3. Do you think that it’s important to know how to cook well? I’m not sure whether it’s important to cook well, but I do think that everyone should know the basics. It definitely isn’t healthy to rely on pre-prepared meals or fast food. 4. Do you think that children should be taught cookery at school? Yes, that’s probably a good idea. If all children knew how to cook a few basic, healthy meals, that would surely be a good thing.